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One against all. The whole town is hunting the runaway. Will he walk into the trap of his chasers in the London night? How is he trying to escape? Will the detectives find his trace on time? Working together, cooperating – being at the right place at the right time – we might!

The runaway convict is trying to escape on the underground, by bus or by taxi. Choose whom of you is to be the runaway and who the detectives. In case of a bigger groups it is possible to play the game with more runaways.

Program information: 

Type of program: logical and skill game 
Number of participants: 6-40 people 
Age recommendation: 8 years or older 
Duration: 60-120 minutes 
Location: previously agreed 
Note: This program is available also during the colder seasons! 
During this program we take pictures that participants will receive.

Previous reservation needed through e-mail or phone!