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Soon the Easter tradition frays when the men were watering the women with a soda-fountain through which making a big fun. 

We try to create this atmosphere within our 90-120 minute-team building program. Although, here not just the women will get wet. The program contains 6 games with elements of carrying, throwing, watering and flooding, so there is really not a big chance for anybody remaining dry.

This is a typical give and receive program, created to entertain, that is ideal on a hot summer day or night, in case of an anniversary, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, for smaller or bigger groups.

Program information: 

Type of program: entertaining and skill games 
Number of participants: 4-30 people 
Age recommendation: 8 years or older
Duration: 90-120 minutes 
Location: Szentendre 
Note: We provide all necessary equipment for the program. 
We can arrange this program at other locations for an extra charge. 
During this program we take pictures that participants will receive.

Previous reservation needed through e-mail or phone!