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Twister paws

One huge canvas, one team and a lot of colors and ideas. These are the basics of this program. Participants have to work together from planning until realization to create the huge painting.

By holding the basic rules participants have to create their work using just their bare hands and feet.

After planning the work needs team cohesion and communication. In case of bigger number of participants race condition can be created.

The team is deciding about the future of the result. They can even take it home so it can decorate the wall of the office or one of the participants’ home.

A very big wall area will be necessary to that…

Program information: 

Type of program: creative painting program that requires skills 
Number of participants: 6-40 people 
Age recommendation: 8 years or older
Duration: 60-120 minutes 
Location: previously agreed 
Note: This program is available during the colder seasons! 
We provide all the necessary equipment for the program. 
During this program we take pictures that participants will receive.

Previous reservation needed through e-mail or phone!