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Nordic Walking

This program at Szentendre is designed for those who would like to get to know this beautiful town a little better while also doing sports.This program starts with an introduction of the group and teaching the proper technique.

Our tour aims for Pap-sziget, the river Danube promenade or Dömörkapu.

Depending on the route and interest, participants can walk along the Danube, visit the center of Szentendre or hike in the forest by the Bükkös creek.

Nordic walking sticks and tour guide are provided.

Good to know about Nordic walking:

It originates from the northern winter sports and translated as “northern walking”. This type of sport was developed for flat lands and can also be practiced very well on inclines.  Nordic walking moves the entire body while walking uphill and also requires endurance.

Go outdoors into the nature! Aim for well being!

It takes the pressure off of the joints and makes them more flexible.

Nordic walking improves endurance and strengthens the muscles.

When proper technique is applied, it exercises arm, shoulder and back muscles.

It is also recommended for people who wish to lose weight – burns 30-40% more calories than regular walking.

Program information: 

Type of program:  sport program, recreation
Number of participants:  2-40 people
Age recommendation:  12 years or older
Duration:  60-90 minutes
Location: Szentendre
Note:  This program is available during the colder seasons!

We provide all the necessary equipment for the program.
During this program we take pictures that participants will receive.
Previous reservation needed through e-mail or phone!


Reservation can be delivered by phone or email.