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Dragon boat tour

During this tour you are going to be able to enjoy the view of the picturesque Danube-bend right from the river! We are inviting groups of friends, families, companies, team builders to visit us at Pap-sziget, Szentendre.

The capacity of a dragon boat is 20 people. For larger groups we can provide up to 10 boats and we also arrange competitions if requested.

We provide all the necessary equipment for the program: canoes, paddles, life jackets, experienced steersman and a tour leader. Participants will also be introduced to the basics. 

Program information: 

Type of program: sport program, recreation 
Number of participants: 10-200 people 
Age recommendation: 8 years or old 
Duration: 90-120 minutes 
Location: Szentendre, Pap-sziget 
We can organize this program at other locations for an extra charge.

Reservation can be delivered by phone or email.