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Dirty Dancing

Just you and your dancing shoes, nothing else is needed! Ballroom dancing, salsa, rocky, sensual or zumba can all be the theme of the team building.

Dance shows are just another side of our personality, not only to others, but for ourselves as well. Dancing together will bring you closer to each other, and gives you a unique experience. Learning the steps will definitely make everyone smile.

Depending on the number of participants, this team building is held by one or more professional dance instructors. We can also arrange dance shows where you can enjoy the overwhelming power of the professional artists.

Program information: 

Type of program: sport program 
Number of participants: 10-100 people 
Age recommendation: 14 years or older 
Duration: 40-120 minutes 
Location: previously agreed 
Note: This program is available also during the colder seasons! 
We provide all necessary equipment for the program We can arrange this program at other locations for extra charge. During the program we take pictures that participants will receive.

Previous reservation needed through e-mail or phone!