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Circle of trust

Nowadays trust has a very important role in corporate and also in our private life. The program contains 6 games that are built on trust. The games are entertaining, the point is to have fun and smile, meanwhile we can find out who we can trust and who cannot.

Participants stand in a big circle and try to perform the tasks and games asked by the trainers.

We recommend this program to those who seek to have an entertaining common experience, where it is imortant that the participants get closer and improve their trust towards each other.

Circle of trust
Program information: 

Type of program: entertaining, logical and skill games
Number of participants: 10-60 people
Age recommendation: 12 years or older
Duration: 90-120 minutes
Location: Szentendre
Note: This program is available also during the colder seasons!
We provide all necessary equipment for the program. We can arrange this program at other locations for an extra charge. In case of an adequate-sized location it can be arranged also inside. During this program we take pictures that participants will receive.

Previous reservation needed through e-mail or phone!